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About The Independent Beverage Group

Established in 1988, IBG has been a leader in the beverage industry with an extremely successful track record offering a variety of valuable services to not only distributors, but also suppliers, financial institutions and legal firms. With our professionals' 100+ years of industry experience at both the distributor and supplier levels, IBG clients have benefited from our hands-on and management experience.

This unparalleled experience in all phases of beverage distribution, from sales, marketing, administration and operations has led IBG to be the undisputed leader in Mergers and Acquisitions within our industry. We have successfully completed more transactions than any other firm, creating wealth for both buyers and sellers.

Our Business Valuation service helps provide those needing a clear, realistic value of their company a fair determination of that value. Whether your purpose is tax or estate planning, restructuring a loan, buying, selling or merging all or part of a business or just curiosity, IBG can meet your requirements.

IBG is currently pioneering Sharing Resources in which competitors join resources to become more efficient in performing the non-consumer related duties that they currently do separately. Sharing resources is more efficient and effective. It allows each wholesaler to maximize profits and invest these profits into a selling function where they can create positive performance improvements and ultimately create wealth. Sharing resources include but is not limited to:

Draft cleaning and maintenance
Product pull-up
Warehousing of product
Delivery of product

IBG has provided an Overview Library of Joe E. Thompson original articles dating back to the Acquisition Services of February 1999 for your review. Included is his most recent speech from the seminar held in San Francisco September 16, 2008. Included is a Power Point download of his presentation "NBWA Seminar" for your reference. This is a comprehensive way to understand his perspective of current trends emerging in the Beverage Industry. If you would like original copies of any articles or presentations emailed to you please contact our Corporate Office

IBG has been and continues to be busy in transactions across the country and around the world. To stay current on the mergers and acquisitions please visit our new Client Testimonials page for a current update!


Corporate Office

2591 U.S. Hwy 17
Suite 302
Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Phone: 770-487-0277
Fax: 770-487-0288

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