Independent Beverage Group

Seminars & Panels

Tennessee Malt Beverage Association
The 2017 Tennessee Malt Beverage Association Annual Convention will be held at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater FL - July 16th- 19th.

Joe Thompson's Presentation - 9:00 AM, July 17

2017 Beer Industry Summit Joe Thompson's Presentation

New York Beer Wholesalers Association - New York, NY. Oct, 2016

Beer Marketer’s Insights, 2016 Spring Conference - Chicago, IL. May, 2016

Beer Business Daily, January, 2014, Scottsdale, AZ

Summer, 2013: Article from Modern Brewery Age Magazine: "Carve Outs "

Beer Insights Seminar, November 2012 , New York, NY (Power Point)

National Beer Wholesalers Association



Speaking Engagements

  • A-B Florida Association
  • North Carolina Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
  • North Dakota Beer Wholesalers
  • Dribeck Imports
  • Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association
  • Florida Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Quad State Beer Associations (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana)
  • Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association, Inc.
  • South Carolina Beer Association
  • Heart of America Malt Beverage Convention
  • Tennessee Malt Beverage Association, Inc.
  • Iowa Wholesalers Beer Distributors Association
  • Tri State Beer Convention (Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware)
  • Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association
  • Washington Beer & Wine Wholesalers
  • Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association
  • West Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Mississippi Malt Beverage Association, Inc.
  • Wholesaler Beer & Wine of Ohio
  • New York Beer Wholesalers
  • Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Inc. (National)